Pokemon Go Will Let Players Pick Between Charmander, Three Other Pokemon For Next Community Day Subject

pogo community day sept hed
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go is turning to the players once again to decide which Pokemon will be the subject of next month's Community Day. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced on its Twitter feed that it would let the players pick between Charmander, Caterpie, Porygon, and Grimer as the subject of the next Community Day. More details about how players could vote for the Pokemon will be announced soon.

No exclusive moves were announced for the Pokemon, but players were quick to note that Porygon was the only Pokemon of the four not to have its Shiny form already in the game. Grabbing Shiny Pokemon during Community Day is usually a major draw for the event, and Porygon will likely attract support because its a two evolution Pokemon with no currently available Shiny Pokemon. Of course, it will also have to contend with the always popular Charmander line for votes.

Pokemon Go's Community Days have ....well, they've been a bit weird in 2020. While past years featured Community Day events that alternated between Starter Pokemon and otherwise hard to capture Pokemon, Pokemon Go moved away from that model to focus more on Pokemon that were either missing Shiny Pokemon, provided some interesting matchups in competitive play, or were just fan favorites. Pokemon Go previously asked the fans to pick the subject of two Community Day events earlier this year - Weedle and Gastly were chosen as the winners. Like Porygon, Weedle and its evolutions lacked a Shiny form up to the event, and Gastly was chosen for its usefulness in competitive play.