Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Beldum for Community Day

One of the coolest Shiny Pokemon has officially come to Pokemon Go.

As expected, Pokemon Go added the Shiny variant of Beldum along with the Shiny variants for its evolutions Metang and Metagross for the Community Day mini-event taking place today. Players in Asia and Australia were the first to report the Shiny variant of the Steel/Psychic-Type Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are alternate-colored variants of Pokemon that are typically very rare. A Shiny Beldum has a chrome body instead of its usual dark bluish-grey. Metang and Metagross have similar colorations, but with gold highlights. Shiny Pokemon are also recognizable by the sparkle animation that appears when the catch screen first shows up.

While Shiny Pokemon are usually incredibly rare, Pokemon Go typically boosts the spawn rates of Shiny Pokemon for the monthly Community Day events. That means that a player's best chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon is to find a place where Beldum are spawning en masse and keep catching until you find one of the shiny variants.

This month's Community Day has not been without issue. Players in parts of Asia experienced mass Pokemon Go outages, which resulted in developers rescheduling the event for the Asia/Australia/Oceania area.


The outages seemed to only impact the first Community Day window and hasn't seemed to impact players in Europes and Africa.

For players in North and South America, Community Day will take place between 2 PM and 5 PM ET. Remember that the event takes place at the same time for everyone on the continent, so check here to see when it starts during your local time.