Pokemon Go Adds Tons of New Shiny Pokemon for Its Eggstravaganza Event

Pokemon Go is adding multiple new Shiny Pokemon for its Eggstravaganza event.

A dataminer confirmed that Pokemon Go added 3D models for Shiny versions of Wobbuffet, Magmar, Togepi, Togetic, and Magby last night on its servers. This likely means that Shiny versions of all five Pokemon species (along with Wobbuffet's pre-evolved form Wynaut) will appear in the game later this afternoon.

Shiny Pokemon have alternate coloration than their non-Shiny counterparts and are prized by many players for their rarity. Since late last year, Pokemon Go has periodically added new Shiny Pokemon to the game in conjunction with in-game events. Most recently, Pokemon Go added a Shiny version of Lugia to coincide with Lugia's return to the game.

Shiny Pokemon are identifiable as they always have a sparkle effect surrounding them, but some can be easily missed as they look nearly identical to their non-Shiny variants. For example, both Shiny Togepi and Shiny Togetic have soft peach skin instead of their usual egg-white color. The pattern on their skin/egg also has its color patterns reversed. Shiny Togepi and Togetic have red triangles where their non-Shiny counterparts have blue triangles and vice versa.

Other Shiny Pokemon look notably different. A Shiny Wobbuffet is a light purple instead of blue, and a Shiny Magmar has bright pink skin instead of its usual dark red.


While there's strong evidence that Pokemon Go will add all six of these Shiny Pokemon to the game this afternoon, it's possible that Pokemon Go will add even more Shiny Pokemon. Pokemon Go developers added Shiny versions of all "Gen 3" Pokemon on its servers, so it can simply "turn on" the new Shiny Pokemon whenever they'd like. Pokemon Go might also add Shiny versions of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur as part of its Community Day Event this weekend.

The Eggstravaganza even will begin today (March 22nd) at 1 PM PT. Players can collect special 2 KM eggs from PokeStops and gyms that contain Pokemon that usually hatch from 5 KM and 10 KM eggs. In addition, players will also get extra candy whenever they hatch an egg and will also get Double Stardust during the entire event. The event runs through April 2nd.