Pokemon Go Reveals Super Tough Shiny Jirachi Requirements

Pokemon Go players will soon be able to obtain a Shiny Jirachi in the game. As revealed last month, Shiny Jirachi will only be available to those that purchase a Masterwork Research story, which will cost $4.99 in the game's Shop. However, this is not a simple case of paying to receive a Shiny; players are going to have to put in a heck of a lot of effort if they want to earn this Pokemon! The first two stages have been revealed for the Masterwork Research, and they have some hefty requirements before playing can encounter the Mythical Shiny.

The first stage of the Masterwork Research will require that players catch 1,155 Pokemon in total: 385 from the Kanto region, 385 from the Johto region, and 385 from the Hoenn region. Players must also earn a Gold Hoenn Medal if they haven't already, which is obtained by registering 90 Pokemon from the Hoenn region to the Pokedex. Completing these tasks will also earn players Candy for Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, as well as XP and Ultra Balls.

The second stage of the Masterwork Research will take a minimum of two weeks to complete. Players must have 10 Best Buddies, and must earn a Heart with their Buddy 14 days in a row. Players will earn two Poffins, three Rare Candies, and XP for completing these tasks. As of this writing, we do not know what else the Masterwork Research will entail, but clearly this is going to take a lot of dedication!

Over the years, some purists have claimed that Pokemon Go makes it too easy for players to obtain Shiny Pokemon. Getting a Shiny Pokemon in mainline games tends to be a major grind, and players will put in a ton of hours to do so. This month's Masterwork Research is clearly an exception, as Pokemon Go players will not have an easy time adding Shiny Jirachi to their collection. Players will have to keep this in mind before deciding if they want to spend the money when it goes on sale on February 20th!

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[H/T: Serebii]