Pokemon Go: Collect Shiny Lapras During Today's Special Raid Event

Pokemon Go players will have an opportunity to grab a Shiny Lapras during a three hour raid event [...]

Pokemon Go players will have an opportunity to grab a Shiny Lapras during a three hour raid event taking place today. Today is Lapras Raid Day in Pokemon Go, a three hour mini-event in which every gym will have a Lapras raid boss from 11 AM to 2 PM. In addition to having the opportunity of battling as many Lapras as you want, players also have a chance of encountering the Shiny variant of Lapras if they beat Lapras in battle. Shiny Pokemon are variant colored Pokemon that are usually quite rare, so today marks a good opportunity to capture the Shiny version of Lapras.

Shiny Lapras technically isn't new to Pokemon Go - the Pokemon variant was first added during a special event held in Japan back in April. However, this marks the first time that the Shiny Pokemon will be widely available to the rest of the world. As a special bonus, Lapras captured during the event will know the moves Ice Shard and Ice Beam, two legacy moves that were previously removed from Lapras's move pool.

To encourage players to participate in raids, anyone who participates in a Lapras raid will receive up to five free Raid Passes. Players only earn one free raid pass at a time, so players have to use their free pass in a raid before receiving another free pass at the next gym. There's also an Event Box that contains additional raid passes, a Super Incubator, Star Pieces, and a Lucky Egg that can be purchased from the in-game store.

The Lapras Raid Day event takes place from 11 AM to 2 PM local time. Lapras can't be beaten by a single player, so you'll need to find a group of at least 2-3 players to help you beat it in combat. The most effective Pokemon against Lapras are Electric-type Pokemon like Raikou, Electivire, or Magnezone, and Fighting-type Pokemon like Machamp and Hariyama.