Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Trapinch for Community Day

As expected, Pokemon Go has added a new Shiny Pokemon for today's Community Day. Today, thousands of players will head out into their neighborhoods for Pokemon Go's Community Day, a monthly event that focuses on a single species of Pokemon. This month's focus is Trapinch, the Ground-type Pokemon that eventually evolves into the fan-favorite Flygon. In addition to the normal Community Day bonuses, Pokemon Go has also added the Shiny version of Trapinch during today's event. While the addition of Shiny Trapinch is permanent, today's event marks your best chance to catch this normally rare Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon have variant colorations than normal Pokemon and are usually extremely rare. The Shiny Trapinch has greenish-blue skin instead of its usual burnt orange color. When Trapinch evolves into Vibrava, its Shiny form has orange wings instead of green, and Shiny Flygon has blue and orange highlights on its wings, head, and legs.

Because Trapinch will be spawning in mass quantities during today's event, players should have a good chance of finding a Shiny one. To increase your odds, find an area with lots of PokeStops - it's likely that the PokeStops will have lures to increase the number of spawns in the area, which means more chances to catch a Shiny Trapinch.

Any Trapinch evolved all the way into Flygon during today's event will also learn the special move Earth Power. Players can also take advantage of triple catch XP and increased lure length for the duration of today's event.

Today's Community Day event will take place between 11 AM and 2 PM local time.