Pokemon Go's A Very Slow Discovery Event: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go's latest event starts today, adding two new variant Pokemon and a new Mega-Evolved Pokemon. The "A Very Slow Discovery" event kicks off today in Pokemon Go and is highlighted by the addition of Galarian Slowpoke and Galarian Slowbro, as well as the addition of Mega Slowbro to raids. The event also features increased appearances of various "slow" and "active" Pokemon like Psyduck, Slakoth, Gulpin, and Spoink, some new raid bosses, and a brand new Collection Challenge that has a special Slowpoke-themed avatar shirt as a prize. Here's everything you need to know about this week's event:

A Very Slow Discovery Event - Times and Date

This week's Pokemon Go event runs from today, June 8th at 10 AM local time through June 13th at 8 PM local time.

A Very Slow Discovery Event - How to Get Galarian Slowpoke

Galarian Slowpoke is the "new" Pokemon featured in this week's event, but it cannot be found in the wild. Instead, Galarian Slowpoke is a 1-Star Raid Boss. Alternatively, players can complete the "Evolve 3 Slowpoke" or "Win a raid in under 60 seconds" Field Research tasks to earn an encounter with Galarian Slowpoke.

If you're looking for a Galarian Slowpoke raid, be sure to keep an eye out this weekend, as Pokemon Go is hosting a Special Raid Weekend with increased amounts of raids.

A Very Slow Discovery Event - How to Get Galarian Slowbro

Once players catch a Galarian Slowpoke, they'll need to do a little work to evolve it into a Galarian Slowbro. Players will need to set Galarian Slowbro as their buddy and then capture 30 Poison-type Pokemon. Galarian Slowpoke must be your buddy when you capture the Pokemon in order to satisfy the evolution requirement. After the 30 Poison-type Pokemon have been captured, you can spend the 50 Candies to evolve Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro.


A Very Slow Discovery Event - Collection Challenge

The event also comes with a new Collection Challenge. Players will need to capture a Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke, and evolve a Slowbro and Slowking to earn 3,000 XP, 30 Ultra Balls and a Slowpoke Forever Shirt for your avatar.