Pokemon Go Snivy Community Day: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go's latest Community Day is here, and this month's featured Pokemon is the Grass-type Pokemon Snivy, which eventually evolves into the Grass-type Pokemon Serperior. The Community Day kicks off today at 11 AM local time and gives players the chance to encounter plenty of Snivy during the event. At this point, Snivy is the first "Gen 5" Starter Pokemon to get a Community Day event. Any player who evolves a Servine, the first evolution, into a Serperior, the final evolution, during the event will have the Pokemon automatically learn Frenzy Plant, a powerful Grass-type move that historicallycan only be learned by Starter Pokemon during Community Day events.

Here's everything you need to know about this weekend's Community Day:

Snivy Community Day - Times and Date

Snivy's Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on April 11th.

Snivy Community Day - Exclusive Move

This month's Community Day features the exclusive move Frenzy Plant. Frenzy Plant is a charge move that deals 100 damage per hit and costs 45 energy to use. Frenzy Plant is one of the stronger Grass-type moves in Pokemon Go and automatically makes Serperior useful in both Great League and Ultra League. While Serperior won't necessarily be a standout Pokemon, it's considered to be a bulkier version of Meganium in both leagues and lacks some of the extra weaknesses that Pokemon like Venusaur or Torterra have. If you're looking for a defensively-geared Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, be sure to get a Frenzy Plant Seperior.

Serperior's Usefulness in Pokemon Go

Serperior is a bulky Grass-type Pokemon that draws a lot of comparisons to Meganium, another Grass-type Starter Evolution. Basically, Serperior is a stronger version of Meganium, especially when armed with Frenzy Plant. Although Venusaur is generally a better option in the Great League, Serperior picks up wins against Pokemon like Melmetal and Mantine that Venusaur struggles against, so there are some scenarios that having Serperior will be useful. Serperior has even less uses in Ultra League, but some players will likely find slots where the Pokemon can succeed where other Grass-type Pokemon have struggled.

Snivy Community Day - Other Bonuses


The Snivy Community Day will also come with a 3x Catch Stardust bonus, which means that players can grab a lot of Stardust to power up any Pokemon during the event.

Like other Community Day events, Snivy Community Day will also feature a boosted Shiny rate for Snivy. Shiny Snivy has decidedly darker green skin/scales on its back than a usual Snivy, so it should generally be easy to spot when it appears in the wild. Players typically have a 1 in 24 chance of encountering a Shiny Snivy in the wild during the Community Day event. You can check out an image of Shiny Snivy below: