Pokemon Go Chooses Onix for First Spotlight Hour Event

Pokemon Go is hosting a Spotlight Hour event, with a focus on Onix. Last week, Pokemon Go developers announced that they were trying out some new mini-events in an attempt to keep fans engaged during "slow" periods of the game. One such event is the Spotlight Hour, a mini-event in which a specific species of Pokemon appears for a one hour period of time. Players in New Zealand have confirmed that the subject of today's Spotlight Hour is Onix, with no special moves or any other perks involved. Per early reports, the event consists of Onix appearing at a moderately boosted spawn rate.


While Onix seems like an unusual choice for a Spotlight Hour, it is a useful Pokemon for Pokemon Go's PvP, which has gotten a boost thanks to the recently released Battle League, which sets up ranked online battles. Onix's evolved form Steelix is a decent Pokemon in all three leagues thanks to its ton of resistances and its use of Dragon Tail, a Dragon-type move that counters many of the stronger Pokemon in upper-level PvPs. Onix also has a naturally boosted shiny rate, so players should be able to find a Shiny Onix with enough luck. This isn't the most exciting choice of a Pokemon, but it is an event with a decent chance of grabbing a Shiny Pokemon and improving your PvP teams. Plus, the time commitment is only an hour.

Players can participate in today's Spotlight Hour from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. The game will also hose a Mystery Bonus hour on February 6th from 6 PM to 7 PM, which will give players a chance to benefit from an unknown bonus of some kind.