Pokemon Go Quietly Launches New Regional Event

Pokemon Go has quietly launched a new event for several countries in Europe. Players in Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, and several other Mediterranean countries were informed via email of a new event featuring the Summer Style Pikachu. From now until May 12th, players can find Summer Style Pikachu, a Pikachu wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and aviator sunglasses, in the wild. Pokemon Go didn't provide any explanation for the event or why only certain countries were getting the costumed Pikachu, and many players only noticed that the event started when the Summer Style Pikachu started appearing in the game. Players participating in the event can also collect a free item box containing 30 Poke Balls.

The Summer Style Pikachu was first introduced to Pokemon Go to celebrate the game's second anniversary. The Pikachu is one of several costumed Pokemon available in the game, although all of them tend to cycle in and out through limited-time events. Recently, a special Flower Crown Pikachu was available for capture during last week's Spring event. Other costumed Pikachu include a Pikachu wearing a party hat, Pikachu wearing a safari hat, a "flying Pikachu" with balloons, and Pikachu wearing a Mimikyu costume. While Pikachu has the most costumes in Pokemon Go, other Pokemon also have costumes. Recently, dataminers even discovered that Lapras may also be getting a costume in the coming weeks.


Pokemon Go has a busy month ahead. Having just wrapped up its Spring event, Pokemon Go is about to launch a Rivals Week event featuring the debut of several new Pokemon. Other upcoming events include a special Friendship Day event and a Sustainability Week event featuring various garbage-themed Pokemon. You can keep track of all our Pokemon Go coverage here, and be sure to listen to ComicBook.com's official Pokemon podcast A Wild Podcast Has Appeared every Monday at 12 PM ET.