Pokemon Go Is Giving Lapras a Bowtie

A new Pokemon Go datamine indicates a surprising Pokemon could be the next recipient of a costume. Earlier today, the PokeMiners, a group dedicated to documenting Pokemon Go updates revealed a surprising new image asset that appeared in the game's latest update. The image asset is that of a Lapras wearing a dapper blue bowtie. Lapras isn't tied to any announced event, but fans have pointed out that the costume matches a 2018 Pokemon Center set of merchandise called "Ride on Lapras" that featured a Pikachu riding a bowtie-sporting Lapras as they visited assorted friends. Because of the theme, some think that the Lapras could be a part of the game's upcoming Friendship Day event, which will take place on April 24th. You can check out the image asset below:

The costumed Lapras follows the reveal of several image assets related to a powering up PokeStop tutorial, which seems to be a strong indicator of a brand new feature. Pokemon Go has also added over a dozen image assets for various Mega Evolved Pokemon, as well as numerous Gen 6 Pokemon. As these all came from a datamine as opposed to more official reveals, there's no guarantee that any of these new Pokemon or features are close to being added to the game.

In the meantime, players can expect a busy April full of events. Pokemon Go is wrapping up a Springtime event featuring costumed Chansey, Eevee, and Pikachu, and is gearing up for a Snivy Community Day event this week. Other events coming up include a Rivals Week event and a Sustainability Week focused on catching trash and pollution themed Pokemon.