Pokemon Go Surpasses 750 Million Downloads

pokemon money

Not long after its mot recent gym update, Pokemon Go experienced a surge in downloads as Trainers were understandably eager to check out the overhaul. While it's still early on in the stages of trying out the new update, it's certainly resulted in a renewed interest that translates into downloads and revenue for Pokemon Go.

Reported by Venture Beat and according to the app intelligence program called Apptopia, Pokemon Go has now been downloaded over 750 million times by Trainers eager to catch their Pokemon in the real world. The revenue the game's brought in is nothing to scoff at either, as it's now crossed the $1.2 billion mark, a number that looks like it's only going to grow in light of the new update and upcoming Pokemon Go events.

While the app itself is free, Pokemon Go has many in-app purchases that help drive the revenue. The game recently upped its item storage capacity, one of several small purchases that players can make that contribute to the game's revenue.

The stats from Apptopia also discussed how often players play Pokemon Go, stating that the game had 60 million players in June. This number was down from August, but with the new update, the number may go back up quickly. Not all of these players are the legitimate Pokemon Go players that typically are out and about catching Pokemon as some of them are GPS spoofers. With recent and ongoing bans targeting these players, it'll be interesting to see how the numbers balance out if more people begin to download the game and more spoofers quit. The upcoming Pokemon Go Fest event, and perhaps other events for the month of July, will likely contribute to the revenue and downloads as well.


[via VentureBeat]

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