Pokemon Go Datamine Leaks May's Community Day Pokemon

A recent Pokemon Go datamine has revealed the next Community Day Pokemon, one which will please competitive players but may disappoint more casual players. The Poke Miners, a group of Pokemon Go players that tracks changes made in various updates to the game, found badges and references to a Swablu Community Day, including the now standard Special Research quest and references to Swablu photobombs. Assuming that this isn't a bait and switch, the Swablu Community Day will be announced for May 15th. No information was provided as to what special move will be give to Altaria (the fully evolved form of Swablu) during the event, but the speculation is that it could be the new move Feather Dance, which was recently added to the game.

Swablu and its evolved form Altaria are interesting choices for a Community Day focus. Altaria is one of the top Pokemon in the Great League tier of Go Battle League, Pokemon Go's competitive format. Giving Altaria a new move could make it even more useful in Great League battles and could potentially shake-up that tier of competitive play. It also seems likely that Altaria will get its Mega Evolved form around the time of the event, as Pokemon Go has promised a "surprise" Mega Evolution this month.

Of course, Swablu and Altaria aren't exactly high on the list of Pokemon players want to get in Pokemon Go. The Shiny version of Swablu has been available since 2018. And while the event lets players stockpile the 400 Candies needed to evolve Swablu into Altaria, Swablu has never exactly been a rare Pokemon to obtain. For casual players who don't play competitively, this event might be more of a dud compared to some past Community Days.

In addition to the leaked Community Day, Pokemon Go is also about to add a bevy of Pokemon from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to the game over the course of May, including the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal. Both of those Pokemon will be added during "Luminous Legends" events throughout the month of May.


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