Pokemon Go Players Will Have to Walk a Ton to Hatch Strange Eggs, New Pokemon Confirmed

pawniard hed
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go will have to do a ton of walking to hatch the game's new Strange Eggs. Yesterday, Pokemon Go officially added Strange Eggs to the game, a special sub-type of eggs that contains Dark-type and Poison-type Pokemon. These eggs can only be collected by defeating Team Rocket leaders if players have a free egg slot during the battle. What's more - these eggs are currently the only way to collect Pawniard, Vullaby, and Sandile, all of which were just added to Pokemon Go as part of the new event. The rare Pokemon Deino is also included in the Strange Egg pool.

Not only are the new Strange Eggs not easy to collect, since there's no option to dispose of eggs you pick up from PokeStops or from gifts, you'll also have to do a lot of walking to hatch an egg. A player will have to walk 12 KM to hatch a single Strange Egg, or 9 KM when using a Super Incubator. Luckily, players can currently hatch eggs by walking only 25% of the distance during the game's still ongoing Seasons Change event, so now is a great time to collect an egg and hatch it.

In addition to the new eggs and new Pokemon, Pokemon Go is also hosting a new Special Research event that gives fans a second chance of collecting Shadow Mewtwo. Players will need to defeat the Team Rocket Admins and then Giovanni for a guaranteed encounter against Shadow Mewtwo. Players will also get exclusive stickers for defeating the Team Rocket Admins in better. The Special Research has no time limit, and you'll collect the items you need to find the Team Rocket Admins and Giovanni through the event.

The Seasons Change event, which includes the 25% egg hatch distance, runs through October 19th.