'Pokemon Go' Reveals Full Details on New Trainer Battle Mode

Pokemon Go's new Trainer Battle System will be a huge game changer, with Pokemon gaining a second Charged Attack and shields to protect your Pokemon.

Last week, Pokemon Go officially confirmed that a "PvP" system was on its way, which would allow players to battle their friends on three v. three Pokemon battles. Niantic revealed additional details today, with the biggest news being some major tweaks to how the game's traditional battle system will work.

Pokemon Go is retaining its traditional "tap" battle system, with players tapping their screens to spur their Pokemon to use both Fast Moves and Charged Attacks. However, players can use Stardust and Candy to unlock a second Charged Attack to use in battle and the second Charged Move will stick around in all scenarios.

Players will no longer be able to dodge attacks, but they can deploy a special "Protect Shield" that can temporarily protect their Pokemon. Players get two Protect Shields per Battle, so players need to time their Shields appropriately to maximize their use.

Players will have limited options to switch between Pokemon and there will be an overall time limit of four minutes.

In most cases, players will need to be nearby to challenge other players to a battle. Players can use a QR Battle Code to set up a battle with other players. In addition, players can challenge their Ultra and Best Friends from any distance, so you can remotely battle your best friends at any time. Players can also choose to train with the game's three team leaders Candela, Spark, and Blanche once per day for additional rewards.

Both players who participate in a battle will get rewards, including the rare Sinnoh Stone evolutionary item. Players can also make progress towards earning an Ace Trainer medal by battling.


As mentioned last week, the new Trainer Battle system will come with three different leagues, each with a cap on the CP of individual Pokemon. The Great League limits players to Pokemon with CPs of 1500 or less, the Ultra League has a CP Limit of 2500 per Pokemon, and the Master League has no limit. Interestingly, there are two Pokemon that can't be used in Trainer Battles - Ditto and Shedinja.

No specific release date was announced, but Pokemon Go confirmed the new feature would be released later this month.