Pokemon Go Adds Virizion as Newest Legendary Raid Boss

The third and final Sword of Justice has come to Pokemon Go. Earlier today, Pokemon Go officially added Virizion, a Grass/Fighting-type Legendary Pokemon that was first introduced in Pokemon Black and White. The Pokemon is part of the Swords of Justice, a trio of Legendary Pokemon dedicated to protecting Pokemon from humans who encroach on Pokemon habitats and are loosely inspired by the Three Musketeers. Virizion will serve as the game's main Legendary Raid Boss between now and January 7th.

As a Grass/Fighting-type Pokemon, Virizion has a major weakness against Flying-type moves. Players will want to bring Flying-type Pokemon like Moltres, Rayquaza, or Honchkrow with moves like Sky Attack or Aerial Ace. If players don't want have a strong Flying-type Pokemon to bring into battle, Virizion is also weak against Fire, Psychic, Poison, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks, so players should have plenty of Pokemon that are viable in a Virizion Raid.

Sadly, Virizion isn't a really viable Pokemon to use in gyms or raid battles, so this is another Legendary Pokemon that can just be added to a player's collection. We'll also likely get a second chance to grab this Pokemon when Pokemon Go eventually adds Shiny versions or makes them available in Field Research.

Players will have plenty of other things to do this month in Pokemon Go, with an upcoming Holiday event adding new Costumed Pokemon, a special Raid event this weekend, and a Winter mini-event the weekend after Christmas. Plus, players can also look forward to the new Buddy Adventure system, a new mechanic that will be added to Pokemon Go in the coming days.


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