Pokemon Legends: Arceus Leak Divides Shiny Hunters

A new Pokemon Legends: Arceus leak has surfaced online, and it has shiny hunters divided. The new leak comes the way of Riddler Khu, a prominent Pokemon leaker. According to the leaker, shiny Pokemon are shown in the overworld like Pokemon: Let's Go, and Pokemon fans seem to largely prefer this, though there are certainly some shiny hunting pursuits who don't love this mechanic. That said, while this is good news for most shiny hunters, it's accompanied by bad news. 

Adding to this, Riddler Khu claims that Pokemon can run away from players. In other words, you could spot a shiny, but that doesn't mean you will get the chance to catch it. 

Not related to shinies, Riddler Khu relays word that the game is very grindy. It's not specified how much the grindiness contributes to this, but the game is also reportedly the longest main series Pokemon game to date.

In addition to being grindy and long, it's described as being "hardcore," with players needing smartly allocate resources, buy item slots, manage their inventory, and do things like craft Poke Balls. 

Of course, it all remains to be seen if any of this true. Not only is everything here unofficial, but it's also subject to change. As for Game Freak and Nintendo, neither have addressed any of this alleged information. We don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to release worldwide on January 28, 2022 via the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch lite.

"Get ready for a new kind of grand, Pokemon adventure in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a brand-new game from Game Freak that blends action and exploration with the RPG roots of the Pokemon series," reads an official pitch of the game. "Embark on survey missions in the ancient Hisui region. Explore natural expanses to catch wild Pokémon by learning their behavior, sneaking up, and throwing a well-aimed Poke Ball. You can also toss the Poke Ball containing your ally Pokemon near a wild Pokemon to seamlessly enter battle."