Magikarp Jump Fishes Up a Lot of New Content With New Update

Magikarp Jump is a new Pokemon mobile game in which you "train" a Magikarp to jump by feeding it food and ordering it to flop against various pieces of equipment. It's a goofy game that requires no skill to play and only a minimal amount of time. In fact, you don't even need to drop money into the game in order to enjoy long as you enjoy mindlessly grinding for a few minutes a day.

Magikarp Jump released its first big update today, which added a surprising amount of new content to the game. In addition to raising the maximum player and Magikarp levels, Magikarp Jump also added the Heal League as a new place for players to test their Magikarp's jumping ability. After beating the Heal League, players can also find six new types of Magikarp with brown and apricot skin colors.

In addition, two new Support Pokemon were added to the game. Greninja will give your Magikarp a massive amount of JP, while Gengar will give your Magikarp a 50% boost for all JP gained for a minute after it is activated.

Also added were two new decorations (one of which is earned automatically by beating the Heal League), two new food options, and two new types of high-level training.

For a goofy game about feeding fish, Magikarp Jump just added a ton of new content to keep its userbase playing. If these are the sort of updates Magikarp Jump will get regularly, this mobile game could be sticking around a bit longer than we expected.


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