Pokemon Masters Announces First Event

Pokemon Masters will kick off gameplay with an event focusing on Blue, one of the most iconic characters of the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Masters is a new free-to-play mobile game by DeNA that features players collecting both Pokemon and trainers as they face off in unique realtime battles. The core gameplay involves assembling teams of three "Sync Pairs," which consist of an iconic trainer from various Pokemon games and one of their core partner Pokemon. Players will collect Sync Pairs as they play through the story, but Pokemon Masters will also have special events that focus on certain Sync Pairs.

The first of these events was just announced and will feature Blue, the rival character from Pokemon Red and Blue. The first Story Event, "Reach for the Top" will pair players up with Blue and his Pidgeot as they play through a special story arc. While Blue won't be a permanent member of your team, the Story event will give players a chance to try out Blue and his powerful Pidgeot, which can attack all three of an opponent's Pokemon at once. Other Sync Pairs featured in the "Reach for the Top" event will include Misty and Starmie, Flannery and Torkoal, and Bruno and Machamp. Pokemon Masters also noted that the Story Event will eventually return in the future, so players don't have a hard deadline to complete the event before it goes away for good.

Players will also have an increased chance of recruiting Blue and Pidgeot through the Sync Pair Scout, an in-game store of sorts. Players can pay Gems to use the Sync Pair Scout, which randomly gives them a Sync Pair that can be permanently added to your team. Since Pokemon Masters is a "Gacha" style game, there's no guarantee that you'll pull Blue when you use the Sync Pair Scout, but players to have an increased probability of pulling him while the event is active.

Additionally, Pokemon Masters will also host a launch event that will give players enough bonus gyms to use the Sync Pair Scout up to ten times. Players can also complete special Launch missions to obtain items.

Pokemon Masters launches on August 29th. "Reach for the Top" begins on September 2nd and runs through September 29th. You can find additional information at the event by viewing the video above.