Pokemon Masters Servers Are Down

In a surprising turn of events, the servers for Pokemon Masters were turned on a tad bit early. This allowed players to be able to download the game and even play it, despite launch being set officially for August 29th. While it is not uncommon for some mobile games to launch a little early, the release of Pokemon Masters surely shocked a host of fans, especially those who were able to get in and try it out for themselves. However, once this was a known thing, players began swarming in to get a piece of the action. Unfortunately, this led to the servers going down.

Almost as soon as it was able to be downloaded and played, Pokemon Masters servers shut down, returning an error for all of those who were able to get in in the first place. As one might imagine, those who were able to get in were not particularly pleased with this development as they had likely been wanting to be the very best in the new Pokemon title. Of course, many took to Twitter to let their feelings be known.

It is certainly unfortunate that this error would pop up after players were able to gain access to the game and play it, but they were able to get in a bit early, so that has to count for something. Plus, there is no knowing if the servers were shut down intentionally or if it was simply because of the amount of players who were able to gain early entry.


Either way, Pokemon Masters is set to officially launch on August 29th, but it's looking like it might be just a few hours earlier than expected. For even more on the new title, check out some of our previous coverage.