Pokemon and Monster Hunter Collide in Brilliant Fan Art Collection

Pokemon has been around for quite awhile and since its humble beginnings, the franchise has only [...]

Pokemon has been around for quite awhile and since its humble beginnings, the franchise has only continued to grow in a amazing ways. With continuous new releases making their way to gamer platforms, and Pokemon GO still going strong with their timed events, many fans continue to show their love for these adorable little pocket monsters in unique ways. But there's another monster series that has a loyal following as well and ever the two shall meet with this epic Monster Hunter x Pokemon crossover!

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The art comes courtesy of Ayann who also shared their latest creation over on Reddit. It brings the best of both worlds into one creative feature and I don't know about you, but I would one hundred percent be down to see more of this glorious fan art in a more official capacity. There have been crazier things done in the world of Nintendo!

And can we talk about the amazing Venusaur hybrid? Because we know that Vensaur is powerful, but that crossover counterpart looks like he's about to make you wish you were never born. And I also lowkey have a crush on that Blastoise, which is honestly something I never thought I'd hear myself say and now I have to reflect on that fact.

You can show off your support for the artist on the original Reddit thread here to see more and tell them you dig their stuff! They did a phenomenal job, it's always incredible to see the different ways fans show off their love for beloved franchises. The creativity of the gaming community will never cease to impress!

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What did you think about the Pokemon x Monster Hunter crossover? Which one was your favourite? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you think!