First Trailer, Title for New Pokemon Movie Released

We now know the title of the next Pokemon movie.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company debuted the first trailer for its 21st Pokemon movie, titled Pokemon: Everyone's Story. The new movie will continue the story of the "rebooted" Ash and Pikachu first seen in last summer's Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You. This Ash exists out of continuity with the Ash from the main Pokemon television series, and hasn't met any of his iconic traveling companions or caught most of his Pokemon.

The new trailer showed off several new characters from the upcoming movie, including the rainbow-haired girl shown in last December's teaser. The girl's name is Lisa and her partner Pokemon is an Eevee. The trailer also shows a street performer named Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, a researcher named Torito and his Chansey, and an old woman named Hisui and her small pack of Pokemon, which includes a Marill, a Togepi, and a Totodile.

The trailer then shows Lugia flying over the city towards what appears to be an amusement park on a small island in the ocean. Ash and Pikachu watch Lugia fly overhead from a train and then meet the other characters at a cliff that overlooks the entire city.

You can check out the full trailer below:

The trailer didn't show very much, but we know that Lugia is the focus of the new movie. It also appears that Pokemon: Everyone's Story is set in the Johto region judging from the new characters' partner Pokemon.


Unlike the last movie, Pokemon: Everyone's Story doesn't appear to re-use any scenes from Ash's original journey through the Johto region. It's still possible that Ash will wind up with one or more of his Johto Pokemon, similar to how Ash had his Butterfree and Charizard in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You. Ash had a pretty great team in Johto, which include Chikorita, Heracross, Noctowl, Cyndaquil, Phanphy, and Totodile.

Pokemon: Everyone's Story will be released on July 13 in Japan. An international release will likely follow in the late fall.