Game Freak Is Hiring Over 20 Employees to Develop New Pokemon Game

Game Freak is hiring over 20 new employees to help with work on a new Pokemon game. Earlier today, Game Freak's Twitter account announced a job fair to help fill 23 new positions on its core team to help develop a new Pokemon game. No other details were provided about the upcoming Pokemon title, but the jobs range from full-time graphic designers and animators, R&D specialists, and programmers. Several temporary positions are also available for model and motion design work. The job fair will take place on June 25th, so these positions will likely be for a game released in 2021 or 2022.

While Game Freak is explicitly hiring staff for a new Pokemon game, this doesn't mean there will necessarily be a multi-year wait before the next Pokemon title comes out. Game Freak typically has two "core" teams that rotate on and off different projects. This hiring surge is likely for the team that developed Pokemon Sword and Shield and not the team that is likely working on whatever Pokemon game is due out next.

We'll note that these are for positions over in Japan, so you'll need to speak Japanese and likely plan to move there if you want a job working on a Pokemon series. However - it's definitely not impossible to get a job at Game Freak. James Turner, a Brit, is one of the key character designers for Game Freak whostarted working at Game Freak back in 2010 and has designed many recent fan-favorite Pokemon.

You can check out more details about the open Game Freak positions on their website. We'll have more coverage about upcoming plans for the Pokemon franchise later today, as the Pokemon Company is set to make an 11-minute announcement about the future of the franchise.