Pokemon-Like Palworld Game Gets Trailer Showing Off More Monsters and Gunplay

Palworld, the game that's been dubbed "Pokemon with Guns," got a new trailer this week showing off some more of the creatures developer Poketpair has created as well as the firefights players will engage in where they shoot at these "Pals" when they're not forcing them to build structures or perform other tasks. The game still does not have a release date but is currently planned to release at some point in 2022 for the PC platform with no plans for consoles announced at this time.

If that description sounds like Pokemon but not quite, that about sums up what impressions of Palworld people have held so far. You can check out the latest trailer yourself below to draw your own conclusions.

Aside from the obvious use of guns in the Palworld video wherein players take down these Pals not with tactical movesets but with weapons, you'll notice the tweet refers to instances of forcing Pals into labor or eating them alive. Those kinds of features are talked about over on the Steam page, too, where Poketpair advises players that they can "make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories."

"On your adventures in Palworld, you can befriend Pals and explore the vast world happily together," Pocketpair begins normally enough. "You can sell them, butcher them to eat, give them hard labor, pillage, rob and exercise complete mayhem but this is completely up to the players to make adult decisions like these since the laws in this world prohibit such activities. Just don't get caught!"

Jokes aside, Palworld does provide an interesting take on the Pokemon formula that asks what it would look like if players (Trainers) fought alongside their monster friends. The Pals which Pocketpair has created do certainly resemble different Pokemon in certain instances, but with how many Pokemon there are out there not, one would imagine it'd be difficult to avoid any similarities completely. The newest trailer already has nearly 100,000 views on YouTube with plenty of impressions on other socials as well, so there's definitely an interest in the game outside of some simply calling it a Pokemon knockoff.

Palworld is coming to the PC this year but does not yet have a set release date.