The Ultimate Set of Poke Balls is Coming to Japan

Japan is getting an great new set of premium Poke Ball miniatures.

Premium Bandai just announced a "Sylph Company" edition of their premium Poke Ball collection, which comes with a total of 11 different Poke Balls in a retro-style case with foam inserts. These Poke Balls are "technically" candy holders, but they're the closest we'll probably ever get to a real life Poke Balls.

We're not really sure why Premium Bandai misspelled the name of the Silph Company, which was the name of Kanto's premium Poke Ball manufacturer. Team Rocket invaded the Silph Company's headquarters in Pokemon Red and Blue and the player received a Master Ball for disrupting the villainous groups' plan.

Bandai has released Poke Ball reproductions before, but this is their largest set yet, with 10 normal Poke Balls and a Master Ball. The set also comes with six holders (perfect for latching Poke Balls onto your belt) and several bags of "tablet" candies.


The case itself is absolutely gorgeous, with black and white versions of Pokemon Red and Blue's original pixel art. The back of the box also shows the original Silph Company headquarters from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Unfortunately, this set will only be available in Japan and will cost a pretty penny (or yen.) The Sylph Company set is available for pre-order for the cheap price of 7,020 yen...which comes out to about $62 in US dollars.