Nintendo Files Trademark for New Pokemon Rumble Game

Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. may be gearing up to announce the next game in the [...]

Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. may be gearing up to announce the next game in the Pokemon Rumble franchise.

Yesterday, the three co-owners of the Pokemon franchise filed for a trademark on the Japanese abbreviation "Pokesucu." "Pokesucu" is an abbreviation of Pokemon Scramble, the Japanese name for the Pokemon Rumble series of games.

Pokemon Rumble is a button mashing beat 'em up style game in which players collect toy Pokemon and guide them through stages filled with enemies. When enemy toy Pokemon are defeated, they sometimes can be captured and added to the players' toy Pokemon collection.

To date, The Pokemon Company has released four Pokemon Rumble games. The latest game, Pokemon Rumble World, was a freemium game available on the Nintendo 3DS in which players could unlock new worlds via Poke Diamonds. Once a player entered a world, they had to wait several hours to access it once again...unless they used Poke Diamonds to speed up the process.

Last year, the Pokemon Company announced plans to develop a mobile version of Pokemon Rumble called PokeLand. The game was a simplified version of the Pokemon Rumble concept (the Pokemon automatically moved through a stage, which meant that players could only control its attacks) and came out in beta form last year.

The Pokemon Company hasn't released any additional information on PokeLand, even though a beta form of the game has been around for months. It's possible that this new trademark is related to PokeLand, even though that game has its own trademarks already in place.

If the trademark is for a new Pokemon Rumble game, it's possible that the game will be released on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. Technically, this would make the game the first Pokemon game released for the Nintendo Switch. Notably, Pokemon Rumble U was the only Pokemon game technically released for the Wii U.

Of course, Game Freak is also developing a main series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, but it would be a little funny for Nintendo to release a new Pokemon game for the system, only for it to be a Pokemon Rumble game.

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