New Theory Claims Eevee Will Get a New Evolution in Pokemon Switch Games

Some Pokemon fans believe that Eevee will get a new evolution in the Pokemon Switch game.

Players are pointing to several pieces of seemingly unrelated evidence that they claim points to Eevee getting a new "Eeveelution" in the upcoming Pokemon Switch games. This theory isn't fueled by fake leaks or rumors, but rather some intriguing clues tied to this summer's Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story.

One of the central characters of the new Pokemon movie is a girl named Lisa, who has blonde hair with rainbow-colored highlights. In the initial trailer for the movie, we saw Lisa hold up a PokeBall to the sky, spurring speculation that she had some sort of tie to Lugia, the Legendary Pokemon at the heart of the new movie. However, a second trailer revealed that Lisa's partner Pokemon was Eevee, a fan-favorite Pokemon.

The new movie seems to be set in the Johto region, but Lisa is the only trainer from the new movie (outside of Ash and Pikachu) to have a Pokemon that didn't originally appear in Pokemon Silver and Gold. Some think that we could see Lisa's Eevee evolve into a new Flying-Type Pokemon, keeping with the theme of wind and Flying-Type Pokemon in the new movie.

In addition, toy manufacturers are started to roll out order sheets showing some of the new merchandise tied to Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story. One of Banpresto's sheets shows several Pokemon "blacked out" as they depict currently unavailable Pokemon or new Pokemon forms. While it's possible that these unrevealed plushes are all of the same Pokemon, one of the blacked out images shares a sheet with Eevee, which some think is a clue that Eevee is going to get another evolution reveal in the new movie.

This wouldn't be the first time that the Pokemon movies revealed a new Eeveelution. Sylveon made its first appearance in the "Eevee and Friends" short that accompanied Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened (the movie that also revealed the Mega Evolution mechanic for the first time.)

There's also the mysterious "Project Eevee" Twitter account that the Pokemon Company has had since last year. While the account was supposedly started to celebrate an Eevee-themed event over in Japan, it has remained active for months and regularly posts new content. While it's possible that this is just a good-natured account to showcase a popular Pokemon, conspiracy theorists point to the Project Eevee account as proof that something is coming.


We should point out that a lot of Pokemon experts are understandably skeptical. Paul Ryan, who runs the PokeShopper site that first reported on the Banpresto sheets, noted that other merchandise sheets only showed one "blacked out" spot for a new Pokemon, which is likely the unrevealed Mythical Pokemon Zeraora. A new Eeveelution would understandably get a lot more press than a new Mythical Pokemon, so Ryan notes it would be a bizarre move to not heavily promote the Eeveelution too.

So what do you think? Is this a viable theory or are people just seeing things that aren't there? Let us know in the comments!