Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC Music Allegedly Leaked

This June, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will release The Isle of Armor, the first DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Details remain fairly slim at this time, but some more information may now be available, albeit from an unofficial source. Two music tracks for the upcoming expansion were released by Video Game Music Resources, which were apparently provided by an "anonymous source." It's impossible to judge the authenticity of these two tracks, but the audio certainly sounds similar to the compositions of Minako Adachi and Go Ichinose. If these are fakes, they certainly seem to be fairly elaborate!

The first track is entitled "Introduction to the Isle of Armor." The music selection is fairly short, at just 21 seconds. It has a nice, majestic quality to it, and it could very well be the kind of thing that exists as a brief introduction for the new location in the DLC. Pokemon soundtracks often have shorter compositions such as this one, so it shouldn't be too surprising to see something this brief.

The second track, however, is much more significant. This one is titled "Avery/Klara's Theme," which would make it the theme for the two new rivals that appear in the DLC; Klara appears in Sword, while Avery is in Shield. In keeping with the rivals that players tend to encounter in more recent Pokemon games, the track has a lightness that evokes friendliness before jumping into a faster rhythm that might preface an upcoming Pokemon battle. Some Pokemon fans have lamented the fact that rivals in the more recent Pokemon games have been fairly friendly compared to the earlier games in the series, and if this track is anything to go by, it seems that Klara and Avery will play a similar role in the DLC.


At the end of the day, these leaks are fairly minor. It's certainly nice to hear these new music assets, particularly Avery/Klara's Theme, but they don't spoil anything significant. However, if they truly are legitimate, it will be yet another problematic leak for The Pokemon Company. Late last year, a leak revealed a number of details ahead of Pokemon Sword and Shield's November release, when the game's strategy guide was released online.

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