Pokemon Sword and Shield: What Are Watts?

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a special currency that can be used to obtain a plethora of special Poke Balls and other items. When players first enter the Wild Area, they may notice that they quickly accumulate Watts (or Ws), a brand new type of currency found in the game. Players can exchange watts to random NPCs to obtain TMs, special Poke Balls, food items for curry, and other rewards. Players can also use Watts to hire the Digging Duo to collect fossils, evolutionary stones, and other rare items, or use Watts to upgrade their bikes.

So how do players obtain Watts? The easiest way is to investigate Dens within the Wild Area, the small stone circles from which Dynamax energy sometimes shoots up into the air. Even if Dens don't have an active Pokemon raid, players can still obtain 50 Watts just for investigating a glowing den. If a Dynamax raid is active, players obtain 300 Watts instead.

Other methods of obtaining Watts include finding Pokemon with yellow auras around them. Not only do these Pokemon have max IVs and a chance of knowing special egg moves, players also earn Watts for defeating and/or capturing these Pokemon. Players can also earn Watts by completing a Roto Bike Rally, a timed race course that takes place through the Wild Area. The faster a course is completed and the more balloons a player pops, the more Watts players can earn.

While totally optional, Watts are a nice way to stock up some premium items as they play through Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let us know how you've spent your Watts in the comment section or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCBus to chat all things Pokemon!