Pokemon Sword and Shield Introduces Pikachu's Natural Predator

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces Pikachu's natural predator - a doofy-looking bird. Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company introduced Cramorant, a new Water/Flying-type Pokemon that appears in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Pokemon has an interesting ability - it scoops up fish when using the Dive or Surf attacks that it holds in its mouth until someone hits it with a physical attack. Cramorant then forcibly vomits up the fish at the Pokemon who attacked it, causing damage. Everyone on the Internet laughed at Cramorant with its awkward-looking body and its strange, empty eyes, but it turns out that Cramorant seems to enjoy eating more than fish. It eats Pikachu too.

Cramorant has two eating forms - the Gulping form in which it eats an Arrokuda, and the Gorging form in which it's shown trying to swallow a Pikachu. Pikachu's face is stuffed down Cramorant's throat, while its legs and body squirm trying to free itself. Players literally watch Cramorant try to suffocate and swallow Pikachu in battle, unless they're willing to hit it with a physical damage and suffer an electric shock that causes damage. Cramorant doesn't even seemed phased by the Pikachu squirming around in its throat - it just patiently waits for Pikachu to either die or get spit out....whichever comes first. Here's a picture of Cramorant enjoying his Pikachu sandwich:

cramorant pikachu
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

To be blunt, this might be the most traumatizing thing we've ever seen in a Pokemon game, and this is a franchise with multiple Pokemon that were once human spirits and increasingly bizarre schemes carried out by evil teams of Pokemon trainers. Be sure to keep your small children away from this Pokemon, or else they'll beg you to kill Cramorant to save the Pikachu trapped inside its mouth.

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