Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion DLC Announced

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the first Pokemon game with downloadable content. Game Freak made the surprise announcement earlier today, announcing that players will be able to travel to a new area featuring new Pokemon and a new Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra area. The teased DLC showed off a brand new Slowpoke variant, new Gigantamax forms of Venusaur, Blastoise, and the Galar Starter Pokemon. Also seen were new versions of the Legendary Birds, and confirmation that more existing Pokemon would appear in various DLC content. The Isle of Armor will be release in Summer 2020 and the Crown Tundra will be released in Fall 2020

The Isle of Armor contains a brand new dojo, and players will take on an apprenticeship under Mustard, a former Galar Champion and Leon's mentor. Players will gain a new rival in Klara or Avery, and will find a new Legendary Pokemon named Kubfu. Kubfu is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon that evolves into Urshifu, a Pokemon with two fighting styles. Urshifu also has a Gigantamax Form that varies based on its fighting style. The Isle of Armor DLC will also introduce new Gigantamax forms for the Starter Pokemon.

The Crown Tundra is a new icy area that has several ruins, and a new Legendary Pokemon called Calyrex, a Psychic/Grass-type Pokemon. The new DLC mode will feature a new co-op mode that features battles against Dynamax Legendary Pokemon, along with brand new Legendary Pokemon.

Both DLC areas will be seamless maps similar to the Wild Area, and will be designed to add more Raids and areas to explore. More than 200 Pokemon species will be added to the game. Free updates will also allow players who don't purchase the DLC to add those Pokemon via trading.


Both DLCs will cost $29.99 and can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop starting today.