Tattoo Artist Goes Viral Over Incredible Pokemon Designs

Over the last 25 years, countless fans have fallen in love with the Pokemon franchise. Those fans have been introduced to the phenomenon in a number of different ways, including the anime, comics, and TCG. However, the video games have been the entry point for a lot of people, and tattoo artist Dan McWilliams has helped fans show that off in a very fun way: his tattoos feature fan favorite Pokemon emerging from Game Boy handhelds! The artist's designs have gotten him featured in Inked magazine, and helped him go viral on Instagram, where visitors can find plenty of incredible works.

A Tweet from Inked showcasing McWilliams' designs can be found embedded below, and his Instagram page can be found right here

While McWilliams has done plenty of Pokemon tattoos that don't include a Game Boy (including a stunning take on Team Rocket's Jessie), his art featuring the handheld might be his most impressive. There's just something awesome about seeing a Pokemon emerging from that old screen; for many Pokemon fans, it sometimes felt like those characters existed beyond the world of the cartridge, so it seems very fitting. McWilliams' most recent post on Instagram features an impressive Sylveon popping out of a pink Game Boy Color. While Sylveon didn't appear until the days of the Nintendo DS, it's still a cool visual!

It's always interesting to see the ways that Pokemon fans showcase their passion. No matter how fans were introduced to the franchise, Pokemon has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While Pokemon fans that grew up with the games on Game Boy are getting these tattoos now, one day we'll probably see the young fans that are currently growing up with Pokemon Sword and Shield getting tattoos of Pokemon emerging from Nintendo Switch. Given the sheer number of copies that game has sold over the last two years, it seems like a very safe bet. Hopefully those tattoos will look at least half as impressive as those we've seen from McWilliams!

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