Pokemon TCG Announces First 25th Aniversary Products

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has announced its first set of products that will celebrate the Pokemon franchise's 25th anniversary. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced that it would release jumbo-sized cards showing the first appearance of various Starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Trading Card game. All 24 Starter Pokemon will see their first Pokemon card reprinted as a jumbo card and released in a special "First Partner Pack." The First Partner Pack will also include two regular booster packs. Each generation of Pokemon will get their own First Partner Pack, with new sets released every month through October 2021.

Additionally, the Pokemon Trading Card Game also announced a new "First Partner's Collector Binder" that can hold up to 30 jumbo cards, making it perfect to hold the First Partner Pack cards and any other jumbo cards released over the next few months. While Jumbo Cards can't be used in normal Pokemon card games, they do make for great display items. Plus, kids love to have giant-sized versions of some of their favorite cards.

While the full extent of Pokemon's 25th anniversary plans aren't known, a leak last year revealed that Pokemon would release new promo cards through McDonalds. Additionally, retailer listings have revealed plans for a 25th anniversary set being released in the fall.

The Pokemon franchise has big plans for its 25th anniversary celebration, with multiple new releases and other surprises planned. Earlier this week, Pokemon announced it was teaming with Katy Perry and other artists in a new music collaboration called P25 Music. Today, we learned that New Pokemon Snap would be released on April 30, 2021, bringing back that beloved franchise for a new generation of gamers. More collaborations and releases are also planned for the coming months, any many fans are expecting the announcement and/or release of a new Pokemon game.