Pokemon TCG Releases Cosmic Eclipse Expansion

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has released its final expansion for its "Sun & Moon" series of cards. The new "Cosmic Eclipse" expansion is out now, which adds over 270 new cards to the game, including multiple TAG TEAM-GX cards. The new card set is headlined by a Tag Team Trio card featuring Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga, which has an attack that permanently raises all of your Pokemon attacks by 30 damage and allows players to take an extra Prize card when knocking out an opponent's Pokemon. There's also the Togepi & Cleffa & Igglypuff-GX Tag Team card that allows players to take an extra card and causes a player to shuffle all of their Benched Pokemon into their hands. The Pokemon Company also released a trailer of the two teams of Pokemon heading into battle today.

Cosmic Eclipse marks the end of the "Sun & Moon" series of cards, which were first released in 2016. The "Sun & Moon" series came with several innovations, including the GX-card, a new type of card that had an attack that could only be used once per game. The GX-card became the dominant card type in most Pokemon card decks, and experienced an evolution of sorts with the release of the TAG TEAM-GX cards that featured multiple Pokemon and cost even more Prize Cards when they were knocked out.

The Pokemon TCG will move onto a new series - "Sword & Shield" - that will feature new Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games and a new type of card. The V-Card appears to be similar to GX cards but may have a new mechanic to tie into the supersized Gigantamax mechanic in Pokemon Sword and Shield that causes Pokemon to grow to enormous sizes.


The new Cosmic Eclipse expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game is available now at local game stores and at retailers like Target.