New Pokemon TCG Expansion Features a Surprising Eevee Easter Egg

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company revealed 'Evolving Skies,' a new expansion for the Pokemon [...]

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company revealed "Evolving Skies," a new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The set combines three different Japanese sets, including "Eevee Heroes." Since Eevee and its evolutions will play a major role in this new set, The Pokemon Company apparently decided to have a little fun when coming up with a name. Game designer @Meeaboo on Twitter revealed that the expansion's official abbreviation is EVS, which is pronounced, of course, "Eevees!" It's a neat little Easter egg that a lot of fans might not have picked up on, but it shows how much thought was put into the title.

The Tweet from @Meeaboo can be found embedded below.

It's always interesting to get a glimpse at how decisions are made when localizing Pokemon cards. A lot of hard work and effort goes into every aspect of the TCG, and sometimes the subtle nuances can get missed. The name for Evolving Skies could have easily been one such example, and it's neat to learn how this name was chosen.

The new expansion should prove to be an exciting one for fans! Evolving Skies will feature more than 200 cards in total, and it will also boast the return of Dragon-type cards, which have been missing from the last few expansions. Naturally, the set will include all eight of Eevee's current evolutions, which can be found in both V and VMAX variations. In total, the set will have 18 Pokemon V cards and 15 Pokemon VMAX cards. The set will release at the end of August.

Eevee and its evolved forms have proven to be some of the most popular Pokemon in the history of the franchise, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a lot of excitement surrounding Evolving Skies. Of course, the Pokemon TCG has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last year, with product proving a bit hard to come by! The Pokemon Company has been working to keep up with the increased demand, so hopefully Eevee fans won't have a hard time when the new set drops.

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