Pokemon TCG Makes Massive Change for Sword & Shield Expansion

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting rid of Fairy-type cards. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company announced several changes to its popular Pokemon Trading Card Game with the upcoming release of its Sword & Shield series. While many of the rules changes were minor tweaks, there was one major change - the Sword & Shield series will have no Fairy-type cards. "Pokemon that are Fairy types in the Pokémon video game series will now generally be represented as Psychic-type Pokemon in the Pokemon TCG," a statement from the Pokemon Company read. "To maintain a balance among types, Pokemon that are Poison types in the video games will now be represented as Darkness types instead of Psychic types. For the time being, basic Fairy Energy can still be used in the Standard format, but that may change in the future."

Fairy-type cards were first introduced with the XY series and have been part of the game for over 6 years. No reason was given for dropping Fairy-type cards, but many speculate it was done to facilitate a wholesale change in card weaknesses and resistances. As part of the new changes, Water-type cards are weak to Electric-type cards instead of Grass-type cards, Psychic-type cards are weak against Dark-type cards instead of Fairy-type cards, and Dark-type cards are weak against Grass-type cards instead of Fighting-type cards. No Dragon-type cards have appeared in the first Sword & Shield cards released in Japan, but its assumed that they'll now be weak to other Dragon-type cards instead of to Fairy-type cards.

Keep in mind that Fairy-type cards will still be around in competitive play for a little while longer. Players can still use Fairy-type cards in Stardard rules tournaments, at least until the last Sun & Moon sets are cycled out of the format.


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