Pokemon Unite Gives Wigglytuff and Charizard Big Upgrades, Nerfs Eldegoss in New Patch

Pokemon Unite's new balance patch is out now, and the biggest loser is the support Pokemon Eldegoss. Tencent pushed its new balance patch for Pokemon Unite, the new MOBA-style free-to-play game starring Pokemon as fighters. Several Pokemon received either upgrades or downgrades, including a few surprises. The point of these balance patches is to mix up the metagame and also push players to using certain Pokemon as the developers attended.

Perhaps the biggest example of this in the new balance patch are the changes to Eldegoss, a support Pokemon who could deal out tons of healing and a surprising amount of offense when loaded up with certain items. When used properly, Eldegoss could deal some critical healing to allies while also continuing to beat up on opponents. With the new patch, Eldegoss's Cotton Guard received a major nerf, with its cooldown increased and its healing effects decreased. After factoring in the increased cooldown, Cotton Guard now deals about 44% less healing than it did before. Eldegoss's Unite Move Cotton Cloud Crash also received a nerf, with the move dealing about 20% less healing than it did before.

While Eldgegoss was perhaps the biggest loser in the balance patch, two definite winners are Wigglytuff and Charizard. Wigglytuff received major increases in HP, Defense, and Special Defense, while its Double Slap and Sing moves both received upgrades. Wigglytuff looks to be a beast particularly in the early game and has turned into a tanky support Pokemon that can really lock down a lane if used properly. Charizard's signature Flamethrower move also received a big upgrade, with the move's cooldown reduced and damage increased. This translates to a 49% increase in damage per second, which is a huge buff and may bring the Fire-type All-Rounder out of mediocrity.

Pokemon Unite's balance patch should keep things exciting for players over the next few weeks as they explore the new metagame. We'll see if Tencent plans to release regular patches like this or if this just part of their early post-launch adjustments.


Pokemon Unite is available on the Nintendo Switch now. A mobile version will be released later this year.