Pokemon Unite: How to Unlock New Pokemon Faster

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Unite since the game launched this week, you’ve probably [...]

If you've been playing Pokemon Unite since the game launched this week, you've probably already throughout long and hard even before the game released about which Pokemon you wanted to unlock first. Unlike other MOBAs like Dota 2 that let players play as anyone for free, however, Pokemon Unite locks its Pokemon behind either in-game or premium currencies within the game's marketplace. You can only make so much progress towards Pokemon purchase by completing matches alone, so if you want to get the Pokemon you've been eyeing, you'll need to streamline your acquisition of Aeos Coins to get as many as you can as quickly as possible.

To do that, you're going to have to look outside of the matches alone. Littering the menus of Pokemon Unite outside of the battles are tons of different sub-menus to look at for things like events, challenges, various levels of progression, and more. Some of those side activities will award you with more Aeos Coins so that you can buy a Pokemon much quicker than you might expect.

The big way to get ahead in the Aeos Coin market is to complete the tutorials. If you're a seasoned MOBA veteran, you might think you're ready to hop into a game as soon as you're turned loose, and you might be right. It'd be in your best interest, however, to complete the rest of the tutorials accessed through the "Practice" menu. A total of six tutorials exist with 800 Aeos Coins earned each time you complete one. That gives you 4,800 Aeos Coins which puts you well on your way to buying a new Pokemon.

After that, you can start working your way through the different challenges and other options available from the main menu. The 14-Day Challenge in the "Events" tab offers 680 coins for the first day of the challenge and 880 coins for the seventh day that'll arrive next week. You get a small, sub-100 amount for some daily missions, and by completing the Aeos Research Institute Mission that tasks you with obtaining 15 different Trainer Fashion Items, you get 400 coins.

The "Challenge" menu also gives you Aeos Coins, though you might miss them at first if you pop in and out of that menu too quickly. The Day 1 Challenge's main prize is some headwear, but it's comprised of four mini challenges you have to complete first. Finishing all of those will award you with 1,700 coins, and that's just for the first day's challenge.

Lastly, you'll earn Aeos Coins infrequently as you raise your Trainer Level. The Fair-Play Points system awards them occasionally, though, though it's a pretty small amount you won't even notice.

Take all of those methods outlined above and, aside from the essentially unnoticeable amounts of coins awarded for smaller tasks, you've earned 9,410 Aeos Coins. That's not including the ones you'll earn from normal matches either, though it's worth remembering that there's a cap on how many coins you can earn just by playing games. You can look ahead to future challenges and events to see what sorts of awards they offer, so keep an eye on those to make sure you continually maximize your earnings.