Pokimane Calls Out xQc and Trainwrecks for Continuing to Promote "Sketchy" Gambling Sites

Imane 'Pokimane' Anys, who is one of the biggest stars on Twitch, has called out some of her [...]

Imane "Pokimane" Anys, who is one of the biggest stars on Twitch, has called out some of her fellow streamers on the platform for continuing to promote gambling websites that she deems as "sketchy". Although she never mentioned either content creator by name, Pokimane's recent rant was likely directed at xQc and Trainwrecks, both of whom have been some of the biggest proponents of gambling streams on Twitch in recent weeks.

Pokimane shared her thoughts on these new promotional gambling streams that have become so prominent on her own channel recently. Specifically, she said that she believes that creators who are trying to push this content onto their viewers are doing so in a way that she doesn't agree with morally. "It would be a good idea for people to sit down at that point and [ask themselves] what is ethically or maybe morally just not worth it," she said on stream.

The other key thing that Pokimane mentioned in a subsequent stream came with the reason that many other creators, including xQc and Trainwrecks, continue to promote gambling in the first place: money. Pokimane explained that for these streamers, who are already wealthy, to be promoting something that could be "negatively impactful" to others just doesn't make sense, especially when there are so many other ways to generate revenue as a prominent creator. "My point was that once you're a multi-millionaire streamer, you have so many potential sources of income that you can opt to choose the ones that are less ethically ambiguous than promoting gambling sites," she explained.

It wasn't long before both xQc and Trainwrecks heard Poki's comments on the matter and responded on their own channels. As you might expect, each justified their actions when it comes to gambling streams while xQc, specifically, stated that Pokimane's argument was the wrong one to make. xQc said that taken to the fullest extent, anyone who has wealth in the first place shouldn't accept sponsorships based on Poki's own rationale. As such, there shouldn't be a difference seen between promoting gambling sites or any other sort of product if someone is already wealthy.

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