Pokimane vs Ninja Beef Intensifies With Threats of Legal Action

The first Twitch beef of 2022 is here, and it has Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' wife, Jessica Blevins, reportedly threatening Imane "Pokimane" Anys with legal action. The beef originally began as Pokimane  vs. Jidion "JiDion" Adams after the latter -- who is also popular on Twitch, but is more known for his popular YouTube channel -- instructed his fans, on December 13, to raid Pokimane's Twitch stream with and spam "L + Ratio" in the chat. This led to Pokimane to prematurely ending the stream and JiDion getting temporarily suspended. And then on January 17, this temporary suspension turned into a permanent banning. You'd think this is where it would have ended, but not even close. 

Ninja became involved with the drama when he addressed it all during a recent stream, giving JiDion some advice, which included suggesting to him not to instruct his followers to raid other streamers. Ninja even alluded to helping the YouTuber get out of trouble, noting he would contact those he knows at Twitch about the situation via text. What got Ninja in hot water, at least with Pokimane, was when he told JiDion that he can't "ratio b***hes." Realizing the implications, Ninja quickly clarified he was using "b***ches" generally. 

Pokimane wasn't too pleased with what Ninja was doing nor his use of "b***ches," saying that he wouldn't use it if Pokimane was male. She also accused Ninja of trying to use his connections at Twitch to get JiDion's ban lifted, something Ninja said he would do, but at the time, there was no evidence he did.

Now, is the part of the timeline when Ninja's wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, gets involved. Taking to Twitter, Pokimane revealed a direct message allegedly sent by Blevins that threatened legal action.

"I think Jessica is trying to say that Ninja PRETENDED to text his twitch representative, which I'm willing to accept and cannot disprove," added Pokimane in a follow-up to the tweet above. "I just wanted the clip out there to show what happened."

After this, Pokimane also shared a direct message from Ninja himself, where Ninja swore he never contacted anyone at Twitch over the JiDion situation and noted that Pokimane was making a "big mistake."

For now, it remains to be seen what will come of this situation between Pokimane and Ninja. As for JiDion, he has since apologized and pledged to move on from the situation. 

As always, we will keep you updated as the situation evolves. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things gaming -- including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here.