Massive 'Portal 2' Expansion Coming This Fall, Thanks to Modding Community

If you're like me, then you enjoyed every little morsel of enjoyment that Valve's Portal 2 offered players. From its challenging game experience, unique narrative, and hilarious AI characters - this game was, quite frankly, a masterpiece. Though it seems that Valve has a unique issue with the number 3, players have taken the future of this franchise into their own hands. No, it's not Portal 3 but it is something equally as pleasing. How does a new expansion sound?


That's essentially what the mod project 'Destroyed Aperture' is. It's a new experience that tacks onto the original Portal 2 by adding five new chapters, over 20 new maps (equipped with the frustratingly intricate puzzles), new testing elements, and tons more! According to this project's official Moddb page:

"You take the role of a man named David that gets woken up in an overgrown and decayed Aperture Science Facility 7. The facility has been in a decayed state for years, locking everyone in. But not all hope is lost, there still is a chance of escaping. Will you be able to escape? Will you find out what happened to this facility?"

- Complete new campaign and story with 5 chapters.
- 20+ maps filled with puzzles and exploration with increasing difficulty.
- 30+ logic-based puzzles.
- New testing elements like "the Portable Button" and a secret bonus testing element.
- Custom soundtrack, voice lines, player and portal gun model.
- Professionally made environments and visuals.
- Steam Achievements.


Destroyed Aperture was originally slated to release this month and though we haven't had a newer update stating that this was still on track, the latest batch of delectable screenshots are a good sign. Regardless of whether or not this makes a July release, it does look like it will still be able to make that 2018 window no matter what. We're hoping we're not wrong about that, because this project looks amazing and to be completely honest: this is my shit!


You can learn more at their Steam Community page here, as well as their Moddb listing.

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