Here's The Power Rangers Game That Never Happened

It took a long time but Power Rangers fans finally got received a full-fledged console game in [...]

It took a long time but Power Rangers fans finally got received a full-fledged console game in Battle 4 The Grid, and it's still going strong. In fact, the gaming side of the franchise has expanded quite a bit over the past 2 years, with Heroes of the Grid, the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game, and Legacy Wars all thriving. It wasn't always like this though, and at one point it turns out there was a pitch for a Power Rangers game named Project Nomad. Nomad was supposed to be a mature Power Rangers game in the vein of Batman's Arkham games, and while it never happened, Jason Bischoff recently revealed new details and artwork for the title.

Bischoff, who used to head up the franchise when it was part of Saban, revealed the title was pitched in 2016 as an open world cooperative game that "captured the energy, teamwork, and history of the franchise through a fresh lens", adding "Basically, 'Arkham' Rangers... or Gotham Knights 5yrs before GK's announcement."

The new suits were designed by artist Carlos Dattoli, and they feature the bold colors we love about the suits overlayed as armor above some black spandex material. You can even see the game's take on the Zords, specifically the awesome looking Tyransaurus Zord, which is breathing fire, and Dattoli also revealed some of the weapon designs as well.

We also get looks at what appear to be the Alien Rangers, Alpha 5, Ninjor, Zeo's Gold Ranger, and Goldar, which all have the same sort of armored feel. Bischoff even gave us the game's premise, writing "Eltar, under occupation, being freed by a myriad of Rangers from across the cosmos." Yeah, that sounds pretty epic.

Bischoff says that there was no bandwidth or budget to support the project, but he was given "an invaluable blessing to independently explore" the project, and he called on Dattoli, Lineage Studios, Jarold Sng, and others to help him flesh it out. He says that early talks with developers and publishers were favorable, but big shifts in the business, unfortunately, led to talks dying down.

It's quite the "what if" tale, and especially at that time, would've held so much promise. It still would to be honest, and the designs and premise hold up quite well. Being able to pick Rangers from across the franchise and battle it out to save Eltar sounds incredibly fun, and here's hoping we'll get something in that co-op realm on consoles down the road.

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