New Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailers Released to Prepare Players for Free Trial

PlayStation and developer IllFonic released a few new trailers for Predator: Hunting Grounds this [...]

PlayStation and developer IllFonic released a few new trailers for Predator: Hunting Grounds this week to prepare players for the game's upcoming demo. This demo will be the first hands-on experience Predator fans have with the game since it was announced last year and could be some people's first experience with this style of PvP game. To help ease people into the asymmetrical multiplayer game, the developers shared some guides for playing as either the Predator or the soldiers being hunted by the creature with those guides showing off new aspects of the game separate from the gameplay that's been previewed before.

Players are indeed against the Predator if they're playing as the human Fireteam group in Hunting Grounds, but there are other threats as well. The video above shows how there are drug lords, terrorists, and other adversaries out in the map known as "Overgrowth" that's set within a remote jungle. You'll play as the Assault, Scout and Support classes during the trial with different weapon loadouts available. To complete their main objective of escaping the jungle, players have to finish randomized missions that set them against some of these threats while also evading the Predator. You can choose to take on the Predator if you want since you've got the numbers advantage with four players on your team, but the Predator has tools at its disposal to counter the numbers.

Players playing as the Predator will normally have three classes to pick from, but only the Hunter class is available for this trial. It's described as a well-balanced pick for hunting the Fireteam with a variety of weapons players will recognize from the Predator franchise.

"As the deadliest hunter in the universe, you have access to a plethora of off-world tech and weaponry," said Jordan Mathewson, the lead designer for the game. The classic arsenal will be the foundation of each Predator loadout. The Plasma Caster for ranged combat, the wrist blades for close encounters, infrared vision mode to track down your prey, and advanced cloaking for staying stealthy. Other weapons, perks, and gear will be available for unlock as players level up, such as the Smart Disc, Combistick, and more."

The Predator wins by wiping out the Fireteam while the Fireteam can win either via escape or by turning the hunt around and killing the Predator. The creature also has its signature self-destruct ability as well to give it one last shot at wiping a team.

Predator: Hunting Grounds' trial will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC on March 27th, and the game itself is scheduled to release on April 24th.