Private Division Announces New Kerbal Space Program Studio

Private Division and Take-Two Interactive announced this week the formation of a new studio that’s been founded to work on the Kerbal Space Program franchise. Based out of the Seattle area, this new studio will be “bringing to life the next generation” of the franchise that sees players embarking on different space-faring scenarios while meticulously managing their strategies and equipment. This new studio will continue working on Kerbal Space Program 2 which Take-Two Interactive said is planned for a release somewhere within the company’s 2021 fiscal year.

Take-Two Interactive didn’t name the studio in its press release which announced the new team of developers, but it did say the group would include some of the talent that composed the original Kerbal Space Program 2 development team. Studio head Jeremy Ables, creative director Nate Simpson, and lead producer Nate Robinson will lead the development of the new game. The announcement did not mention what would happen to the rest of the game’s original development team.

As for its release date, Kerbal Space Program is expected to come out some time in Take-Two Interactive’s 2021 fiscal year which means it could release anywhere from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021. It’s worth noting that this timeframe is slightly different from the one included in the original announcement that’s also shown on the game’s site. That release window had the game releasing some time in 2020, though this revised timeframe means the game could release in the first three months of 2021.

News on the Kerbal Space Program 2 release has been quiet as of late, but the game’s site still has some information on it for those who are interested in the sequel.


“With the original Kerbal Space Program having become one of the most beloved games of all time and now bigger than ever, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been fully redesigned from the ground up to meet the demands of modern and next-generation space exploration, all while maintaining the monumental foundations of the first game,” the site reads. “Build a space program, construct powerful spacecraft, design resource-gathering colonies, and much more to uncover the secrets of the galaxy. A plethora of exciting new features will captivate veteran and returning players, as well as usher in a whole new wave of Kerbonauts to the ingenious and comedic world that has entertained millions of players.”

Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms during the 2021 fiscal year.