PS4 Models Are Seemingly Being Discontinued in Japan

Even though the console won’t be going away entirely, Sony looks as though it will soon stop manufacturing specific PlayStation 4 consoles. The move is one that makes sense given the recent arrival of the PlayStation 5 and the inevitable winding down of the PS4 era within the coming years.

This news comes by way of one Cheesemeister over on Twitter who posted an image from a retailer in Japan. The signage at the storefront states that restocks of various PS4 consoles won’t be transpiring due to the manufacturer, Sony, deciding to end production. Some of the PS4 systems that are said to be affected by this move include both the 500GB and 1TB iterations of the Glacier White console in addition to the 1TB and 2TB Jet Black models.

It’s worth noting that Sony hasn’t officially announced that it will be ending production of these consoles just yet, so take this news with a grain of salt. That being said, the fact that this information is being posted at a retail chain makes it seem pretty legitimate. It’s also unclear as of this writing if this move is one that will affect regions outside of Japan. Some of the units mentioned here specifically aren't available in other locales anyway, so the impact worldwide could be very different.

And if you think that this might spell the end of the PS4 generation entirely, well, worry not. Sony has already been quite clear that it intends to support the PlayStation 4 for a few more years at this point. In fact, some of this year’s most notable releases such as Horizon Forbidden West will be launching on both Sony platforms. For the most part, Sony just looks like it might be limiting the number of PS4 consoles that it will be making in the future.


All in all, the PlayStation 4 will surely continue to be relevant for a couple of more years but it's fairly normal to see Sony instituting practices like this. If we hear anything else about a similar situation occurring in other regions, we'll let you know here on

So does this news concern you whatsoever or are you fine with the PS4's time slowly beginning to come to an end? Let me know down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 if you'd like to chat more.