PS4 Users Worried About Console's Future After New PlayStation Video

A new promotional video over on the PlayStation YouTube page from Sony itself has some PS4 users worried about the future of the PlayStation console. It's been over two years since the release of the PS5 in November of 2020, yet the PS4 remains relevant. This year it will celebrate its 10-year anniversary and it's featured and highlighted in PlayStation's "Upcoming Games in 2023" video. Featured in the video are 15 games, all of which are coming to PS5, but only eight of these games are coming to PS4. In other words, about half, and a good portion of these games are the smaller indie titles featured. Some of the biggest AAA releases of the year are skipping the PlayStation console. 

What's concerning for PS4 fans though is the sheer lack of PS4 games featured. Eight of 15 games is just above half the number of games and it's a percentage down from previous years and videos. What the video suggests is that the console is finally starting to be left behind. Where previously the only notable PS5-only games were largely coming from Sony itself, many of the PS5-only games featured below are from third-party developers. 

It's probably too early to sound the alarms on the end of the PS4, but this does seem to be an early marker that the PS4 is finally being left behind in favor of the PS5 and the current generation of gaming. And if it is, the PS4 still has survived the cross of generations longer than most. As you may remember when the PS4 was released, the PS3 was very quickly phased out. 

If you're on PS4, it may be finally time to get a PS5, which, thankfully, is finally much easier to get after a couple of years of supply issues. Unlike in the past, you can now actually walk into stores and find some. 

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