PlayStation Is Sending Free PS4 Goodies To Players To Celebrate The Holidays

Christmas is around the corner, and the Holiday season is in full swing. And to celebrate, Sony [...]


Christmas is around the corner, and the Holiday season is in full swing. And to celebrate, Sony Interactive Entertainment is sending out some free PlayStation 4 goodies.

That's right, today some PS4 users received an email from PlayStation with the subject title "[Insert] PSN NAME, unwrap your special gift." And what's your special gift? Well, a special free dynamic theme.

"We wanted to thank you, the PlayStation community, for a glorious 2018," writes Sony. "Together we've embarked on new journeys, battled heroic fights, and saved the world. The power of play is what brings us together."

It's unclear if every PlayStation 4 user is receiving the theme, but a ton are reporting that they have received the code. Sometimes Sony is selective with this type of stuff, but it doesn't appear that's the case this time. I know I got one, and I never get the free stuff emails from PlayStation. If you didn't get one, make sure promotions are turned on for your account.

Here's the theme in-action so you'll know if you want to spend the time to download it or not:

As you can see, it unfortunately does not feature Kratos in a Santa hat, but it's pretty nice. In fact, in terms of official PlayStation-designed PS4 themes, I must say it's one of the better ones. The music is relaxing, the design is clean and simple, and it really does make things feel more Christmas-y and Holiday-y.

It's now one of the favorite themes I own, but it's still not as good as the god-tier Firewatch and Observer dynamic themes.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Did you receive the free theme? Will you rock it for the Holiday season? What PlayStation 4 theme is your go-to?

Also, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk PlayStation 4 themes and let me know which ones I need to add to my collection. I have a ton, but I'm always looking to add more.