PS4 Player Sets Record By Earning 50 Platinum Trophies in 20 Hours

A PlayStation 4 player recently got 50 platinum trophies in just 20 hours. No, there's no typo there. A PS4 player recently racked up not 10 or 20 or even 40 platinum trophies in 20 hours, but 50, earning more platinum trophies than most PlayStation players will get in a lifetime. Earlier this week, YouTube channel PS4Trophies hosted a live stream where they sought to earn a ton of platinum trophies in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, the VOD of the stream is currently unavailable, but the prolific trophy hunter did share some details pertaining to the record-breaking achievement.

For the challenge, PS4Trophies only went for PS4 trophies. In other words, PS Vita and PS3 trophies were off the table. However, platinum trophies were allowed to be stack. This means if a game has multiple platinum trophies with unique trophy lists across different regions, then these could all be had, resulting in some repeating games.

Below, you can check out the full list of the games completed. As you would expect, they are all short and straightforward platinum trophies.

  1. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  2. Himno
  3. Mekabolt
  4. Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior
  5. Zeroptian Invasion
  6. Iron Snout
  7. 36 Fragments of Midnight
  8. Gravity Duck
  9. Foxy Land
  10. Bouncy Bullets
  11. Mochi Mochi Boy
  12. Super Weekend Mode
  13. Daggerhood
  14. FullBlast
  15. Heroes Trials
  16. Inksplosion
  17. Jack N' Jill DX
  18. Metagal
  19. Midnight Deluxe
  20. Paradox Soul
  21. Super Destronaut DX
  22. Bouncy Bullets
  23. Deep Space Rush
  24. Bird Game+
  25. Peasant Knight
  26. Zeroptian Invasion
  27. Midnight Deluxe
  28. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  29. Super Weekend Mode
  30. Jack N' Jill DX
  31. Mekabolt
  32. Daggerhood
  33. FullBlast
  34. Heroes Trials
  35. Inksplosion
  36. Himno
  37. Metagal
  38. Foxy Land
  39. Gravity Duck
  40. Mochi Mochi Boy
  41. 36 Fragments of Midnight
  42. Iron Snout
  43. Super Destronaut DX
  44. Bird Game+
  45. Zeroptian Invasion
  46. Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior
  47. Attack of the Toy Tanks
  48. Daggerhood
  49. Peasant Knight
  50. Metagal

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