PS4 Update 8.01 Released, Patch Notes Revealed

A new PS4 update has been released alongside official patch notes revealing everything in said update. Last week, Sony finally released the PS5, and yesterday, released the console's first post-launch update. And much like yesterday's PS5 update, today's PS4 update doesn't appear to do much, or if it does, Sony doesn't specify what it does. That said, the software update -- titled 8.01 -- is live in all regions, and will require a download from all PS4 users.

The update comes with a 470MB download, which isn't the biggest download, but isn't nothing to sneeze out either. However, despite packing a somewhat notable download size, the update's patch notes, like many PS4 updates, only mention system performance improvements.

Of course, the fact that Sony doesn't specify what these improvements are signals that they aren't that important, however, if this was the case, the improvements would have simply been held for a future and meatier update. After all, pushing updates requires resources.

This is to say, just because the patch notes don't go into specifics and just because the update doesn't add any new features, doesn't necessarily mean the update isn't important. For all we know, it radically improves system performance, though so far PS4 users haven't reported any noticeable improvements.

What has been reported are issues since the update, or more specifically, issues with the console not starting after the update is downloaded, however, for now, this seems like an uncommon problem.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not formally addressed these issues nor has it provided any further clarification on what the update does. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with whatever salient information is provided.


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