PS5 Adds Handy Feature You May Have Missed

The next-gen consoles are all about giving players more time to enjoy the games available to them. There are several ways that the PlayStation 5 does this, including skipping the logos of developers and publishing studios after they've been viewed one time by the player. Apparently, this even remains true for games after the save file has been deleted by the user. It's unclear whether or not those logos can be brought back, and if this only applies to Sony's first-party games. Regardless, this should make a lot of players happy, especially those that have a limited amount of time for gaming.

Of course, this isn't the only way that PS5 speeds up the user experience. From the system's extremely fast load times, to game presets that allow players to make changes that impact every compatible game, it's clear that PS5 owners will spend more time actually playing their games, and less time focused on minutiae. With the smaller graphic leap between the PS4 and PS5, it makes sense that Sony has looked for a number of other ways to make the gaming experience superior for its new console. For gamers that are used to sitting through numerous load screens and developer logos, the PS5 offers a very big change.

Unfortunately, there are some potential negatives to the removal of developer logos. A lot of gamers don't appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into the development process, and automatically skipping these logos altogether could further that disconnect. A lot of Netflix users have complained about the way that the service cuts off the end credits of shows and movies. When viewers don't see the effort that goes into the creation process, it makes it seem that the art is being created in a vacuum. Cutting off the company logos without giving players the option of adding them back is somewhat similar, and it will be interesting to see whether or not the move receives similar blowback.

For now, however, PS5 owners can simply enjoy the various ways that the system saves time over its predecessors. For players that grew up during the PS1 era, these types of changes should be very, very welcome.

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